The mirror is lying to you.

Yes, It is.
Have you ever felt demotivated because of a mirror?
Mirror: “hey you are not enough”?
You: “hmm you are right”

This is a common psychological issue which we all are facing. But hard to accept. The mirror demonstrates an array of red pimples, dark circles, wrinkles, tired eyes but always fails to display the beautiful soul within us which we ignore easily trusting the only mirror.

The society is faking a scenario where confidence is directly proportional to appearance. I felt immense grief knowing many shiver public presence just because they feel they are not presentable. Being accepted or not depends on whether we accept ourselves or not. Unless we embrace our scars, dark circles we can’t expect others to accept us. Always remember people will judge and there is no way to escape from it. The secret is the more people try to pull you down the more they are feeling jealous of you. People getting jealous of you is a clear sign of victory. It shows their surrendering. The first key is cuddling yourself, love the real you and not the one which the shiny mirror displays out.

Your parents are fair how come you become dark? This must be a common question which brown people face. Few drops of acid are enough to ruin the so-called beauty. Just focus on becoming a better soul. Try to become a better person. Compete with yourself in such a way you become better than the day before. Accept your skin embrace it and just be proud of it. Once you love your appearance no mirror is vital to prove it.

Have you ever been courageous to not trust the mirror? Have you ever accepted that you look better day by day? How many of you have ever spend at least 5 secs to admire yourself daily? Have you ever closed your eyes and loved yourself. Appreciate the beauty of your soul, regain your confidence and believe yourself, because there is only one you and that is you.

Escape into Maldives

When ocean meets sky

It is going to be a tale of talkative, fun-loving, whimsical Gemini and a man’s man, competitive Aries. Being newlywed the wondrous honeymoon is a mandatory trip 🙂

And we are all set to explore the most celebrated islands in the Indian Ocean perhaps over the world. The tropical paradise – Maldives. Initially, we discovered the Hulhulmale islands. It is all about stunning crystal clear Ocean. The cramped seats located ashore makes perfect view for sunset and even getting romantic. There are beautiful classic swings hanged over woods. I still remember my Husband laughing by watching me play over the swings. Yes, that is a clear sign of an active Gemini and I love being myself rather than confining.

The Mafushi islands are one of the most significant islands for couples provided you prefer having water sports. We had a comfortable stay at Kaani Grand Sea view Resort. Sea view from the balcony is ceremonious.

The sea view could take your breath

There comes the floating ship which helps to have a long view of the splendid Mafushi island. The floating ship allured us with their luscious Mojito’s. What is more beautiful than sipping our favorite drink, being in the middle of the ocean, viewing the beauty of nature and getting hugged by our love.

That perfect view
Floating ship

Being a restless Gemini I was quite thrilled to have geared up for the snorkeling but deep within I was little scared 😉 but the risk-loving Aries was not over-excited and remained calm 🙂 We were sailing for nearly one and half hours and then reached the snorkeling point. I gathered full confidence and bounced into the ocean filled with whales. Surprisingly I had lots of fun swimming with those amazing creatures. I think they got scared by noticing the way I swim;) haha just kidding. There was a guide around us with action camera. Despite being tired I was swimming, again and again, to get clicked with his action camera because I am a photo freak girl. Somehow i managed to get few photos. Yes, i want to post it on Instagram.


Island visits are another fascination of Maldives. Unless other islands the Plumeria island is calm and best for relaxation. It invites us with versatile restaurants and indoor pools. At Plumeria, you can find a private beach area along with fishing, diving, and windsurfing.

Plumeria island

The must-see destination of Mafushi islands is the Sandbanks. Sandbanks area deposit of sand forming a shallow area in the sea. It gives a feeling of standing on a private island. Boat trip from Mafushi will take just 15 minutes to reach the Sandbank.


The beauty of the Maldives is just the beaches. The sea covers 99% of Maldives. Dive into the beach and just enjoy yourself. Never forget to take sunscreen lotion. I am completely happy and satisfied with the trip. Even though the Gemini and Aries are extremes love keeps us together and we are back with tanned skin and tonnes of memories.